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Genius tricks for your gadgets
Almost everyone in the world owns a phone, and giving it a cool look, will help you manifest a part of your personality on your little gadget. So, in this video I am sharing with you some genius ways to transform your phone as well as some tips and tricks you didn’t know about:
– I show you how to use polymer clay and create your own phone case. The only thing you’ll need is a clear case and a lot of imagination. You can then add little sweets and candies. – such as donuts and cupcakes and sprinkle some glitter on it as well.
– You can use straws and add some food coloring inside. Then you seal them with a lighter and you stick them on a clear phone case to give them a brilliant stylish look.
– If you’d like to take it a step further and match your case to your favorite animals. I show you how to do it. You simply need a pink piece of felt-it fabric and a bright pink knitting thread. You can use it as the tail of the flamingo. Then you attach all of them, as I show you in the video on to your phone case is all set.
– For those of you who love coffee, and Starbucks, you can use epoxy glue and some mini Starbucks drinks to create a cute awesome phone case. Then you can add mini plastic squared that serve as ice-cubes and your phone case will look like something you just bought from the shops.

0:07 – Smart ways to transform your phone case
1:26 – Cute Ways to use felt-it fabric on your phone
2:10 – Amazing Starbucks phone case
2:36 – Tasty noodle phone case
2:54 – How to relieve stress with this new phone case hacks
4:35 – DIY marble phone case
6:19 – Make your own wallet phone case
7:29 – Color-changing phone case
8:57 – How to turn further into an awesome case
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