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​​Different ways to use nail polish
Nail polish is a part of every girl’s life. With all the amazing nail designs we see online to get inspiration for our own nails, it is almost impossible to own a few different varieties of nail polish. So, in this video, we wanted to share with you alternative ways that you can use nail polish in your everyday life.

You can use nail polish to prevent metals from rusting. This one is perfect for objects that are exposed to water more often than they should be. For example, shaving cream bottles that you keep in the shower. In addition, you can use on your rings to prevent them from rusting or staining your fingers.

A tear in thin tights in inevitable sometimes, especially when you are at work and you can’t take them off or replace them. So you can apply nail polish on your tiny tear to prevent it from spreading and becoming more visible.

If the screw in your glasses keeps becoming loose, you can also apply nail polish to keep it in place.

If you love modern art and the works of Piet Mondrian, then you can create a beautiful phone case with an abstract design inspired by Mondrian’s paintings. You simply pick the 3 main colors and black nail polish for the outlines and you start painting your clear phone case. Not only that, you can also create various phone case designs using beautiful nail polish colors.

If you are a beginner nail artist, and you are looking for inspiration for your nail designs you can try a very simple technique that will turn a simple nail polish color into a beautiful dotted design using a bobby pin. You can also use newspaper to create another beautiful nail design by transferring it on your nails using vodka. Watch our video to see the simple tutorial.

If you love jewelry designs and you are looking for inspiration for your next project, you can create beautiful necklaces using washers and nail polish. In the tutorial, we demonstrate different color patterns and designs for your crafty necklaces that will make them look as if a professional jewelry designer made them.

Watch our whole video to discover awesome ways to use nail polish for your keys or even how to make your matches waterproof.
0:33 – Apply nail polish on your jewelry
0:53 – Nail polish and tights hack
1:23 – Cool phone case hacks
2:46 – Newspaper nail design
3:12 – Nail polish hair accessories
4:30 – DIY necklaces
5:54 – Waterproof matchsticks
6:21 – Genius way to fix a broken nail
7:53 – Nail polish decorating ideas
9:04 – Awesome nail design idea
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    1. I tried the hack and I didn’t work all it did was make my hands cold and I stuck my hand in the water seconds then minutes I even waited 5 minutes with my hand in the water.Never trying this again I’d rather wait

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