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Simple household items could be used for many clever things! You will be surprised what you can do with such ordinary things as magnets, cola or kitchen hooks!
Check out a ton of cool lifehacks:
– If you don’t have a bottle opener, use a lash curler
– Use spaghetti noodle to light a candle
– Clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using cola
– Use cola to cure insect bites
– Cola makes hair lighter. Try this lifehack and share the results in comments below!
– If you have chewing gum stuck in your hair, dip the gum into a small bowl of Coke and leave for a few minutes
– Cover the rusted bolts with Coca for several minutes and the result will surprise you
– Clean kettle using cola
– Cola helps wash out blood stains
– Make small holes in kitchen sponge and insert magnets. Now you have a perfect tool to clean bottles
– Make your own nail polish remover using a jar and sponges
Check out what you can do with your expired credit cards:
– If you forgot your key again, use your plastic card to open it
– Use a plastic card to organize wires
– Check out the cost-effective solution for guitar players. Cut up your expired card to make some guitar picks
– Watch our video and learn how to create phone holder from plastic card
We share an unexpected way to use kitchen hooks: use them to hold your iPad in the bathroom, to organize lids and to hold the toothbrush.
Magnetic sheet is a very versatile and helpful item you can use around your home. If you lost a small metal item, stick magnetic sheet to your mop to find with metal items on the floor. Moreover, you can use the magnetic sheet to hang posters in order not to damage walls. Glue a small magnet to the bottom of a small saucer you like to organize bobby pins, safety pins, and paperclips. Use magnets and binder clips to keep your wires organized.

00:40 Use kitchen hooks to organize the space
02:01 Unexpected use of a lash curler
03:10 Use cola to polish headlights
04:02 Quick way to get rid of rust
06:46 Phone holder out of a plastic card
07:25 Magnet lifehacks

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