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Today we share perfect life hacks that will help you to solve a lot of health problems like a hangover, overeating, headaches, high blood pressure and more. Learn by heart the following ideas as they will ease your life:
-A hangover is an annoying problem especially if you had a very cool party before. But we know what to do. Eat an orange in the morning and drink a lot of water. It will help you to stay hydrated. Moreover, vitamin C accelerates metabolism and you will feel much better
-Drink a glass of water with lemon if you have eaten too much. Lemon water makes your digestive system work faster
-Have you ever hit your toe? It’s a real disaster and soo painful. Switch the leg and make foot massage. This action redirects brain attention
-We know what to do if you are having cramps-eat bananas. The reason is that bananas are full of potassium and vitamin B6 that reduce muscle cramps
-Physical activity is the perfect stress reliever. If you are stressed out, go for a short walk
-Tired eyes are an annoying problem if you work a lot in front of the computer. Use the next recipe: take two cotton pads and soak into cold milk. After that apply on your eyes and leave for a few minutes
-Place the oats in an old pantyhose and attach to the faucet to let the water pour through the pantyhose. The oatmeal bath helps to ease irritated skin
-You will be surprised but you can use lip balm to soften the cuticle. The reason is that lip balm contains a lot of moisturizing ingredients and oil

00:09 Hangover treatment
02:08 Sugar for burnt tongue
02:22 Almonds for a hangover
05:40 How to remove a splinter
06:27 Milk for tired eyes

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