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Brilliant life-saving hacks for girls

Being a girl can be a difficult task and it is something that all of us girls can guarantee upon. But it comes without saying that being a girl has a lot of benefits and most of us love it and hate it at the same time. So, in this video, we wanted to honor all the girls out there and make this lifehack compilation filled with girly hacks that you will fall in love with. We show you some cool clothing hacks that will give your outfit a cool lady-like feel; we also show you some cool makeup hacks that will really come in handy when applying your makeup.

Scarfs are making a huge comeback in the fashion world, and in order to help you with your outfits, we show you many different ways on how to wear and match your scarfs to your outfits. We show you how to wear a scarf with your casual clothes and we also show you different ways to wear them formally with your work clothes. This will give a completely new style to your outfit. If you are wearing solid colored clothes and you have colorful scarfs they will give that extra interesting touch to your whole look.

Do you love wearing socks in your house, but the floor is too slippery? We show you a cool hack in order to make them anti-slippery. You simply add some hot glue on the bottom part of your socks and voila.

We also share with you some cool gym hacks that can turn your time at the gym your favorite time of the week. We show you how to turn your oversized t-shirt into a shirt you can wear with your crop top as well as a way to turn a sock into a phone holder for when you are working out.

Makeup is such a huge part of our everyday life so we show you some cool makeup hacks to incorporate in your beauty routine. We show you how to bring an old mascara back to life without spending a penny. You simply put the mascara wand in some micellar water in order to remove all the build up. This will make your eyelashes pop and your mascara will be brand new.

We also show you a cool way to apply makeup using the burned side of an almond. This one is perfect to use when you don’t have an eyeshadow powder and you are looking for a way to naturally fill in your brows when doing your makeup.

Watch our whole video to find many more brilliant hacks that you’ll fall in love with and you’ll find new girly hacks to try at home.

0:18 – Ways to wear a scarf
4:46 – Brilliant gym hacks
5:37 – DIY anti-slippery socks
6:32 – DIY phone holder
7:13 – How to fold your gym clothes
8:49 – How to make your own makeup bag
9:28 – Mascara hack
10:36 – Ombre lipstick
11:24 – DIY mascara
11:57 – Peel-off manicure
13:05 – Period hacks
14:06 – DIY heating pad
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