Bike Life Hacks – How To Get Kicks With These Vespa Scooters Awesome!

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Bike Life Hacks – How To Get Kicks With These Vespa Scooters Awesome! Fun driver story lesson and easy tutorials! Thanks for watching and subscribe today! Subscribe here :

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#1. 200 Vespa kicks: It would be silly to think she might not succeed! She doesn’t stop kicking her Vespa. Again and again! 200 kicks and more. As she is running out of puff she tries to push the scooter – without any success. So more kicking: Come on! … features: kIckstarter, cranking, pushing

#2. Vespa for sale: Every Vespa is easy to kick – except of this one! Vanny s day was terrible up to here. Now she only want’s to go home. And this damn old thing doesn’t want to start. May be the problem is that she doesn’t kick hard enough. Realizing this she tries again with all her energy – standing on the kickstarter pedal. Nothing! She only becomes even more determined to sell this roller! But now she must go home….
features: cranking, revving, kickstarter, desperation, anger

#3. Dragstar love: At the moment Fanny is doing an internship in an old printing plant. Every day when she leaves she passes by this hot Dragstar – and she knows where the owner hides the key! Once only to sit on such a machine! Great! Making sure that anyboidy is watching her she starts the bike. While revving the Dragstar she enjoys feeling the strength of the engine…features: Bike, boots, revving, short cranking

#4. Stormy bikeride: On this stormy afternoon Sarah has a job interview. She is dressed up in her white blouse, black mini skirt and black designer high heels – but her old Fiat only cranks and won’t start. So she calls Ela for a lift. She didn’t exspect her to come with an old sidecar bike! And as if this was not enough the bike doesn’t start! So the girls are to try a pushstart. Will they succeed? features: Kickstarter, cranking, pushstart, sidecar, bike, High heels


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