Experiment: Coca Cola VS Mentos

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12 Awesome Balloon Life Hacks and Crafts You Must Know

Balloons are the most common items in everyday life, not only as a holiday decoration, but also a lot of tips. Today, I will give you 3 tips for daily use of balloons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you enjoyed this video,Subscribe Crafty Cat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy our collection of fun and easy DIY tutorials Thanks for watching, and


Hi guys In this video, I will show you the best life hacks with smartphone. These lifehacks every one of you should know. How to charge the phone with a battery. How to charge the phone with a banana. How to make a movie projector from the phone and much more. Enjoy. Production Music courtesy of

Top 5 incredible Life hacks for balloon

Hi dear my friends in this video you will see 5 incredible life hacks for balloon. Music - "Universal" Hope you enjoyed this video if you do so please don't forget to like share and subscribe to our channel Thank You :)


Easy life hacks for your phone It is impossible to imagine modern life without different gadgets are especially smartphones. Here are awesome life hacks and crafts for your phone, computer and tablet! 1. How to prevent your charging cable from breaking? Don't run to the store to buy a new charging cable when

18 Simple Tricks and Ideas with Nutella

Enjoy your sweet nutella hacks! The idea of coca-cola and nutella ice cream actually come out of random. We were just thinking of any non-prank way of combining two products which seem popular among our viewers. What do you know it actually turned out pretty good! Point taken it's not the best

26 School Life Hacks and Ideas!

26 usefull life hacks for school, office and more! One of our team really loves marshmallow but he never knew that you can actually roast them. We've tried to do it with lighter and matches and got a very specific unplesant taste 'cause of it. Melting with hot gun worked much better.